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We are a group of graphic artists with backgrounds in design and photography. Working with computers for the last 15 years, we have especially enjoyed restoring and retouching photos. With our advanced digital tools and talented Artists, we can restore any kind of damage whether it’s a crease, a tear, mold or water damage, or even if your old photograph is torn in pieces. We will restore it to the day it was taken… amazing results at very decent price.

Photo Fix Team


Working on every new project we create is the best thing can ever be done!

Unaltered high quality is the base principle of our work, which we strictly follow and take pride in. Retouchxp specializes in various areas of digital graphics: photo restoration, colorization, photo montage, design and more. We have the state-of-the-art computer systems, the cutting-edge techniques and last, but not least, the widest collection of picture themes and special effects.
We are ready to take into consideration any of customer’s suggestions regarding the style of art works

Pricing policy

Prices for our services are more than competitive, and this is one more point to our advantage. We can say with confidence that our prices are lower the average price level in the market of digital photo services! Besides; we have a discount system for large volumes and long-time customers.

We are never beaten on price or quality.

Let Us Recapture Your Favorite Moments.

Let Us Recapture Your Favorite Moments.

With our old photo restore services, your cherished memories come to life again. We even offer free estimates and money back guarantees. Get
Our Story and How We Can Help?

Our Story and How We Can Help?

Protecting photos is a difficult task, but we like a challenge. Our team is a committed group of graphic artists with experience in
What We Do for Damaged Photographs?

What We Do for Damaged Photographs?

While we repair photo scratches, stains, and tears, our particular photo restoration services includes: 1. Photos damaged by water. 2. Repair photograph services
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