Frequently Asked Questions.

(1) How does this work ?

E-mail your photo(s) to:photo-restore
Email them to us by simply using your current Email program and click the Attachment button and send to: info@retouchxp.com. After a careful inspection of your photos we will email you with a firm price. Only after we have an ok from you will work start on the project.Our turnaround time is 2 business days.

(2) How will I know how much my picture will cost?

(2) You can look at the price list here to determine an average price for your picture. Every photo is different and requires different attention so the price may vary. We provide free estimates and you will know the complete price before any work starts on you photo. You will be contacted with the actual cost before the work begins. After receiving your quote if you would like to proceed we will email you with a link for payment. ALL services Retouchxp offers are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 120 days.

(3) How will I get a free estimate?

(3) After receiving your photos and examining them we will email you with the price. Only after we have an OK from you will work start on the project.

(4) Can I send you the original photo through mail?

(4) No we do not accept original photos through mail. As e-mailing your photo ensures safety of your originals.

(5) How do I get my photos onto my computer?
(5) This means you will need to scan your photos onto your computer’s hard drive by using a scanner. or transfer them from your digital camera to your computer. for more information please click here.

(6) Need help or don’t own a scanner?

(6) Almost all photo developing shops (like FedEx Kinko’s) and internet cafes, will be able to scan your photo for you at a high ‘resolution’ JPG (minimum 300dpi).
**-B-** You can take a photo by your cell phone

(7) What is the best way to send my photo?

* email photos to photo-restore
* our upload service www.wetransfer.com/
Please add a message with your details and instructions using the message box at the download link.

(8) What file type and size should I send?

(8) The acceptable file types are JPEG, TIFF, TGA, BMP, PNG, RAW, NEF and PSD. and resolution should be about 300dpi.

(9) I want to apply several types of modifications to my photo, is this possible?

(9) Very often your photo requires several types of improvements. For example digital slimming, red eyes removal and whitening the teeth. After uploading the image you will be able to select as many services as you need.

(10) How long will it take Retouch Experts to service my photos?

(10) Once we receive payment, we will begin working with your photos. We guarantee your photos will be completed under a maximum of 2 business days. We can maximize the quality of work and provide the satisfaction our customers deserve even with a high volume of orders. However, we typically will have everything completed and on its way back to you in 2-3 business days or less, again this can vary depending on which services are needed as well as the volume requested.

(11) When do I pay?

(11) A pre-payment is required to begin with your project. Due to the time and effort it takes to work on Digital Photos, we will not start on your photo(s) until payment has been received. If you are not fully happy with the finished picture, we will continue to work on it until you are absolutely satisfied. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
ALL services Retouchxp offers are 100% Satisfaction guaranteed for 120 days.

(12) What type of payments do you accept?

(12)We accept all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB and all derivatives of these brands.
Great news! www.retouchxp.com is now accepting Pay Pal payments for all services.

(13) Is your payment form secure? Will my credit card info be stored in a safe place?

(13) We do not store your credit card info anywhere on our site. We never even see your financial information.2Checkout.com, Inc., one of the proven leaders in Internet payment solutions, is an authorized dealer of the services provided by Retouch Experts. 2Checkout.com uses the most modern and reliable methods of keeping your credit card info secure and we feel they are trusted partners in keeping your financial data secure.

(14) Can I see a proof of the progress of work on my photo before it is sent to me?

(14) Yes, At your request, we will email you a proof of the progress of work on your photos this is the easiest and fastest way for you to view work in progress and your finished product. During this time any changes or modifications you may require will be performed and an updated proof will be emailed. Once your photos are completed we will email you a final proof of the finished work.

(15) Do you offer any guarantees?

(15) We guarantee you will be 100% happy with the results of your order. If you are not satisfied our job isn’t done, and we leave no job unfinished!, we are offering money back satisfaction guarantee! Anything you spend on our website can be 100% refunded 120 days from the original purchase. We guarantee our work to be of the highest quality!

(16) Do you have any photo restrictions regarding content?

(16) We do not accept nude photos or any form of pornography.