Fix Teeth, Teeth whitening Braces removal, Teeth Gap Removal



"Retouch Experts" can Fix missing teeth, correct the teeth line, get them whitened, 
and take away braces.



fix tooth, fix teeth, teeth whitening   

   Fix Teeth Before Fix Teeth After

You don't need special toothpaste. “Retouch Experts” will remove the yellowish stains on your teeth for whitening and brightening your smile. 


What does fix teeth service include?

Teeth repair, whitening and brightening includes working from a digital copy of original image, we will first adjust the picture for tonal balance, color balance and contrast. We will then fix the broken teeth, whitening the yellow teeth to make an ideal "Hollywood" smile.
We can correct gaps in your teeth (gap correction service) these teeth gaps may appear due to age as we age, our teeth shift causing sudden gaps to appear.

"Retouch Experts" can also make Digital Facelift, Even Skin tone, Cosmetic Changes, Eyebrow thinning, Makeup Update, Remove dark circles under eyes, Glamorization, Fix Teeth / Facial shine remove, Facial Lines, Wrinkles, Eye bags, etc


Our price: $10









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