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Open Closed Eyes



Opening closed eyes is a common need for many photos.


Do you always have someone missing from your family photos? What about that one person who closed his eyes just when the camera lens opened its "eye"? We can open closed eyes (if we have a separate photo where the eyes are open), and remove unwanted objects or people, or add the cameraman to the snapshot. (Of course, we'll need a separate photo of the cameraman). We can restore your old photographs back to their former high quality condition. As well as manipulate the image to remove red-eye, stains, aging, rips and tears, and even open closed-eyes.

In this sample we can open the woman’s eyes by combining a good photo of her eyes with the photo of her eyes closed.

Sometimes people appear to be squint-eyed in a photo (especially babies). At retouchxp we can solve all squint eye problems, at least digitally. Most pre-surgery patients also like to see the 'after' beforehand.


The correction of eye-wink or closed eyes.


The correction of the portrait photos spoilt by an eye-wink or closed eyes.


We usually do this by using two photos: the photo with the eyes closed, and a second similar photo with the eyes opened.




How many times has this happened to you? When taking pictures of multiple subjects, someone always has their eyes closed. We can work magic and get those photos out of the shoebox and into the album.




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