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Do you want to change Photo Background?

You may need to Change photo background to create a new feel of your old photo. A dull door or a wall can become a beautiful Beach, Fantasy Scene or any other background of your choice if you would like add a professional studio background we can do that too.

Replace photo background to:

  • Black and White.
  • Or a texture.
  • May be a different Color.
  • Blur the background.
  • A studio background.
  • To an outdoor background like a beautiful Beach or a fantasy Scene.

We can also change the hue of any background to coordinate with your subject or decor.

Need a change in location? with Change Photo Background service We can take care of that for you too just send your photos to us and tell us what you want. From minor photo retouching, to extreme photo restoration, to photographic special effects, we do it all. If you can imagine it we can probably do it.

Changing Photo Background:

Or Background removal implies cutting certain figures (objects) from your picture and setting them on the background of your choice. You can either enclose the desired background with your order or describe it in your e-mail; we have a huge data-bank at our disposal allowing background composition to accommodate any request.

“Retouch Experts” can do much more than photo restoration and photo retouching. Here you will find just a few examples of background changes. Changing the background in a photo can make a very dramatic difference–the difference between an average photo and a very special photo.

With our experience at “Retouch Experts photo restoration”, we can do virtually anything your heart desires. We can restore old, torn, or faded pictures, add color to your old black and white photos, add vignettes, change an unwanted background, and even add a new background. New photos can also be enhanced. We can modify or change your photo background to improve the image’s impact. More often than not, backgrounds include distracting objects, surfaces and poor lighting. We very often simply blur or change the background to draw better attention to the subject.


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