Color correction

First of all at our Color correction service we make sure that they are light balanced and adjusted your photos to the right tonal range. Adjustments also include tint, shadow and highlight compensation, saturation, contrast and clarity.

Quality color correction service

Is the sky in your existing photograph overcast? Let us make it blue!

This photo, taken in the early 80’s, had an under-exposure problem. Through the years it was kept in a magnetic photo album; its pages have a light adhesive covered with transparent plastic. These albums are notorious for accelerating color shifts. so If you have photos like this, if your face or photo too red, blue, yellow or other color they can be improved. Please don’t put them back into that album. Send them to us for quality color and exposure correction. We professionally restore the color balance of your image. We can color correct an entire image or specific areas of your image.

adjust photo color
fix photo color

It’s a good idea to inspect your photo album from time to time to make sure that your photo collections are in good condition. Make sure that your pictures do not show signs of serious fading, red cast or color shift. The longer you ignore this type of damage the harder it is to correct.

What does photo color correction service includes?

You may have a photo like this sample in an old photo album or a shoebox. It is just a sample of what “Retouch Experts” Fix Photo service can do to bring in image back from the brink. Working from a digital copy of original image, we will first adjust the picture for tonal balance, reddish cast correction and contrast. We will then repair the color balance. Fix Photo color includes enhancing faded photo not only for the whole photo but also for selected parts if needed.

Do you have overexposed / underexposed photos?

At retouchxp exposure correction service we can easily maintain the integrity of colors while fixing overexposed / underexposed photos.

color adjusting
color adjusting service

Colorization, color correction and exposure correction (for overexposure or under exposure photos) are just a few of the things we can do to enhance your treasured family photos.” Retouch Experts” Specialists offer a range of services from simple color

photo repair
photo repair

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