Extreme photo restoration

Extreme Photo Restoration service

We all like to hold onto our old photographs as a way to keep our memories alive. Photographs make us feel nostalgic and they evoke certain emotions in us. But what happens if these photos get damaged or ruined over the years.


Isn’t that a scary thought? Well, the harsh truth is that it can actually happen. But, even if it does, there is always a solution. That’s where Retouchxp’s Photo Restoration and Retouching Service can help you out.

As our name suggests we are a photo restoration and retouching service. We specialize in all levels of photo restoration including extreme photo restoration.

Whether it’s an old photo repair, an old photo restore, a cheap picture restoration or a simple photo edit, we’re there for you.

One of our most popular services is the Extreme Photo Restoration Service. What makes this service is that we can fix photos that have been significantly damaged. If you think your old images are beyond fixing, think again. Extreme photograph repair is something we are skilled at and we can restore any kind of damage.

Extreme Photo fix service include fixing:

  • Large Scratches
  • Excessive Cracks
  • Removing Pen Writing Marks
  • Creases
  • Stains

We can even replace missing parts and re-edit backgrounds.

Also, our services don’t end with old pictures. We can even carry out retouching services for new images that may not be up to your satisfaction. Not happy with a recently clicked portrait or passport picture? We can help you out in that area too.

So, old photo fix or new photo fix, Retouchxp’s Photo Restoration and Retouching Services is your one stop shop. If you ever need our assistance and help, just drop in with your photographs or give us a call to get more information.

We’ll weave our magic and make your old or damaged images look fantastic again!


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