photo slimming

Photo slimming service

It is one of the most exciting photo retouch operations and many customers asking for in order to look slim and in a good health.

Customer’s wish list.

  1. Photo slimming (body, arms, face of bride, remove groom’s double chin).
  2. Skin tone correction (more of a natural looking tan color instead of lobster red!).
  3. Replace bouquet with something more exotic and longer.
  4. Turn the foreground to just sand.
  5. Water should stay the same.
  6. Sky brightness
Our photo slimming service includes
  • Slim down face and enhancing cheek bones.
  • Make the nose look little bit smaller.
  • Tummy tucking.
  • Double-chins removal or reduction.
  • Slimming of arms, waist and legs.
  • Chest enhancement and dress lift.
  • Buttock enhancement, bum lifting, reshaping.


photo slimming service
slimming body in photo

Unlike other sites, we can reshape and slim your body in any image you send us. Our experts can digitally reshape and enhance any pictures, and we mean any pictures… including your wedding photos, glamour shots or old Photos. Not only can we do body slimming but we can correct imperfections, add or remove people and even change the background of a photograph.


Photo slimming service is a new service that actually alters your own photo to let you see the dramatic results that can be achieved through dieting. This can provide you with a fabulous incentive. Motivation appeared to be the factor that most people agreed was difficult to continue after dieting for some time. If they could just visualize the goal they were working so hard for it could be an exciting tool and so the idea of a photograph of a slimmed down you was born. Each photograph is edited by a professional photo retouching artist using specialized software and great attention to detail. Prices start from $25. We are confident in our customers’ satisfaction that we offer a Money Back Guarantee on all photos. And even if it doesn’t help you lose the weight, at least you’ll have a picture of yourself looking thin.

look slimmer in your photo


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